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Protect your valuables from burglary, flood or fire damage with high quality a DEFCON safe featuring a steel body and stainless steel or hard plate steel door. Steel body gauge and door type varies by model. All safes include the Palusol® silicone water/smoke seal and a 2 hour or 2.5 hour fire rating depending on model. Patented features include: recessed lockblock, recessed ship wheel, and anti-pry T-lock. Electrical outlets, RJ45 ports and USB ports are included and vary by model.

Weapon Storage Racks

APB Tekwal has created a new standard for gun racking and display products. As you browse our products,  you will find some of the best weapon storage products available. Our wall systems can resolve nearly every application from a small closet for a couple pistols to a full blown armory for hundreds of weapons.

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Universal Modular Gun Rack System

Our products are designed based on standard 1” on center peg holes. This makes our product the only one that can place accessories across butt seams. Whether you are storing a few guns or outfitting a whole gun room, we have the right combinations of panels to fit almost any sized space

Put Your Guns on Display

All our products are powder coated which not only makes them look great, but it will see them looking great for years to come.


Horizontal and Vertical Wall Gun Racks

Our panels can be placed either horizontal or vertical and because they are based off a 1” spaced peg hole configuration, you can install accessories over butt seams, an industry first!

We offer infinite layout combinations based off our standard panels, contact us today to have us help you maximize your space